TAE SUNG is a specialized manufacturer for Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors since 1985 in Korea.

TAE SUNG has advanced automatic production machines and inspection equipment. Our corporation adopt scientific management, advanced technology and strictly quality-guarantee system. She has the privilege of self-support export and import, adopt IEC standard with ISO9002 approval.

In order to control and improve the quality components supplied by TAE SUNG, she sets up a joint-venture factory in China since 1995, producing Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors. And she starts to produce Dipped Tantalum Capacitors and Chip Solid Tantalum Capacitors since 1997. TAE SUNG believes that people, materials equipment, and management are the keys of success. We have engineers with more than 17 years of experience in manufacturing Ceramic Trimmer capacitors and also have more than 10 year Tantalum Capacitors production experience engineers. They are produced with top-quality materials and advanced machines, as well as Hi-Tech QC and R&D equipment monitoring quality. Together with the modern management system, TAE SUNG remains more competitive than the other manufacturers in Korea and China.

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